1 thought on “Workcation-Google Level 1 Bootcamp”

  1. I enjoyed your information about becoming a Google Certified Teacher; I am working on that too. It was helpful to hear about the experience from someone who just went through it!
    I am a fourth grade teacher in Indiana. I am trying to reach out to five fellow educators around the U.S. who have never published a book, but have always wanted to (like me). It is very difficult to publish a book. And self publishing one, while teaching full time, is a daunting task. So I got this idea.
    I am starting a Kickstarter campaign for a project. The project is basically a book series written only by unpublished writers and only by educators. I would like to enlist five fellow educators who are aspiring to become published authors. Each of us would work on one book of the series.
    Educators have a certain passion that is so easy to stoke, and we are the best promoters and marketers of books. I figure if I select five other educators who are spread out across the U.S., we might reach a broader base of readers and have more diverse connections. We are looking for someone to fill our South Region. We are hoping we can get the funding from a Kickstarter campaign to self publish and promote our book series. If you are interested, I can tell you the specifics of the budget and timeline. We will not have to put up any money. If our Kickstarter campaign does not get funded, then, we would decide on our next step: 1. Tweak our project and vie for another Kickstarter campaign. 2. Continue to try to get it published on our own, or, 3. Decide not to do it. The only thing wasted is time, but we will gain new friend, and maybe learn something from the experience! If you are not interested, do you know any educators who might be a good fit for my project idea? Can you message me on Twitter @jmbgunning?

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