5 Tips on How to Enjoy the Rest of Your Summer

In exactly one week I will be returning to work. What happened to the summer? Why did it come and go so quickly? How many of you are starting to feel the same way?

Many employees have already begun their journey back into the classroom. Not because they were required but because they are overwhelmed with the constant anxiety of “what if.” What if I don’t get my classroom done? What if I don’t have time to plan?

Guess what? It will get done!

I have been there myself, going in two weeks early to begin the setup process. If I give myself ten days, it will take ten days. If I give myself five days, it will take five days. You will find yourself more willing to have long non-productive talks with colleagues and begin to wonder what happened to your day.

I love my partner teach so much, that when we get together, we never get much accomplished. I know going in early, will mean more time for us to just chit chat and get nothing accomplished.

This year, I have moved grade levels which involved a classroom change. All of my stuff is packed away in my new room. That means in addition to preplanning and setting up; I also have to unpack. I feel less stressed than previous years. I have started making lists and journaling daily. It has helped me see what is important.


Here are my 5 tips to help you enjoy the rest of your summer and be most productive you can be when returning to work.

1. Create a list – Write a list of everything that has to get done in the classroom for setting up. (Some things can be unpacked later, and no one will ever know)

2. Know your schedule – Know what time you have professional development and when you can work in your room. It will help plan your time more efficiently.

3. Set aside time – This can include anything from chatting up with coworkers to planning your first week lessons. If you set a time limit, you are more likely to follow your schedule.

4. Reflect- Take time each night to reflect. What did you not get done? How can you get it done efficiently tomorrow?

5. Breathe – Take a break and relax. Eat lunch and enjoy the calm before the storm.