Unorganized Chaos

Does anyone else find themselves spending too much time during pre-planning decorating and organizing their classroom?
It may not mean the year will be perfect but having an organized classroom can have a huge impact on the year.Thinking back to year one,  I was a complete mess and my unorganized chaos did not help. I couldn’t find anything!

Last year, I made a conscious effort to stay more organized throughout the year.

First step was how do I keep myself organized?
-Binders! Binders! Binders! Keeping organized binders can hep with planning and student data.
– Keep lists of everything you need to complete. It seems silly but you will be surprised by how much more you can accomplish.

Second step was how do I keep my students organized?
– Create bins for everything. All supplies, manipulative and centers need a home.
– Buy student rolling bins for by the desk. This not only kept less in their desk but gave them less items to distract themselves during instruction.
– Utilize composition books. Having a composition books for different subjects will make better references for students and keep them organized. This can be started as early as kindergarten.

For the new school year, I am  working on organizing those files on my computer. Just because I save them doesn’t mean I will ever find them again.

What do you do to keep organized throughout the year?


1 thought on “Unorganized Chaos”

  1. I definitely spend way too much time working on making my room look good. But then I don’t do much updating throughout the year. I have a lot of bins and also use clipboards. I’m in middle school, so my students have lockers. Anything that I want to keep nice and neat and not be lost finds a place in my room to live. That’s where the bins come in!

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