Bathroom Breaks?!

This has to be my favorite part of in summer! As an elementary summer! school teacher there are no bells. You have to wait Down! until specials or lunch to wholesale nba jerseys go running to Kids the bathroom. If your lucky, you have someone next door that doesn’t mind your daily need to go to the Oh, bathroom. What Physical can wholesale nfl jerseys be set in place to help us go to the bathroom when we need to wholesale nba jerseys go?!



Teachers don’t work during the summer! Right?

Wrong! We all know that it seems teachers having nothing to
do all summer except lay around drinking mojitos Gassrini and catching some rays.

teacher is always preparing for what comes next. If we were not continuously working,
our students cheap nfl jerseys would not be where they needed by the end of the year. We always
try to have the end in mind. It seems like great contract hours but the fact of
the matter is we come early and stay late. We have off two months, but It we are
constantly working. Think about your child’s classroom the first day of school…that
doesn’t happen overnight. That teacher spent countless hours wage free putting
together supplies, creating welcome packets and hanging fabric on an 8 foot
wall alone. During pre-planning very little time is left outside cheap mlb jerseys of
professional development to get our rooms ready. Let’s This means, I spend my summer
creating and planning for those first crucial few weeks of school. The more Entertainment management
and organization that is done before, allows more time for teaching and
not micromanaging behaviors. I also want my parents to have an idea of cheap jerseys how our
classroom is run the moment they walk in the door. Creating parent links,
newsletter and PowerPoints to have them and their child ready for school.

Sadly, teachers are not paid nearly enough. This leaves many
other teachers working minimum wage jobs for the summer. I found interest in
creating sugar scrubs. I am currently working on how to sell and market my
product. You can check out my scrubs at
This has yet to make Al-Enám" profit but I cannot find any cheap jerseys free shipping desire to work for another corporation
all summer. Instead, I spend little during these months and pray my Chevy Aveo
stops overheating.

Do I enjoy what I do? Of course! Having to come in early,
stay late and work my summer’s just shows how much teachers truly enjoy
everything they do. Before you are quick to tell a teacher how easy they have
it, think about everything that goes into wholesale jerseys teacher.

Let’s Get Physical

You wake up before the sun rises and you get home when the
sun is setting. When do you have wholesale MLB jerseys time to work out? There Emery is just not enough
time in the day to teach, Inspirations grade, plan and organize your classroom for the next
day. I barley have enough energy to cook dinner and often find myself trying to
find a healthy alternative to cooking. Did I mention that I don’t have any
kids? Trying to imagine my fellow colleagues who are 10 years older with kids
who not only need feeding but have extracurricular activities.
I’ve read
recently from other bloggers they Down! are no longer staying past their cheap NFL jerseys 3:30 obligation.
Instead, leaving when their contracted hours Aktuelle are up. This doesn’t mean they
care about their students any less but how successful can you be if you are not
taking care of yourself?
summer is where wholesale MLB jerseys I am Awards implementing my change for the future school year. Making
sure that I work out on a regular basis. This should help continue into the hectic
school year ahead. I already have a healthy diet that HaCkEr has become part of my
lifestyle. Be on the lookout for smoothie recipes, salads, quinoa dishes and
even desert alternatives.
I would love to know
what you do to stay fit during the cheap jerseys school year.

Looking forward to no longer passing up those delicious birthday
treats. 🙂

Take It Down!

Does this checklist sound familiar?

1. Take cheap jerseys everything down.

2.  Remove staples News from the wall.

3. Clear off all shelves completely.

It feels like a few
weeks ago, I was eager to decorate my classroom. It’s amazing how quickly we
forget that in ten short months, everything has to be taken down. The real
thought that comes to mind, is why?? I am fairly certain the cheap mlb jerseys no one is cleaning
my dan top bulletin board or even wiping down my book shelves. During pre-planning our
administration expects team planning to occur when in reality, we are fighting time
to get our classroom back in order. This year I took a stance…I left up my
fabric, letters and boarders. Even though this will save
time in the beginning of the year, I still spent the last two weeks of school
putting everything into what little cabinet cheap nfl jerseys space Part I have and made myself sick
saran wrapping all of my book shelves. Let Ideas me tell you, that is no easy job. If
schools are looking for more rigor in the classroom, when are they going to
take away our mindless cheap jerseys tasks?

Does your school continue pointless routines?

Let me cheap jerseys know, I would love to
hear Veteran about it.