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Take It Down!


Does this checklist sound familiar?

1. Take cheap jerseys everything down.

2.  Remove staples News from the wall.

3. Clear off all shelves completely.

It feels like a few
weeks ago, I was eager to decorate my classroom. It’s amazing how quickly we
forget that in ten short months, everything has to be taken down. The real
thought that comes to mind, is why?? I am fairly certain the cheap mlb jerseys no one is cleaning
my dan top bulletin board or even wiping down my book shelves. During pre-planning our
administration expects team planning to occur when in reality, we are fighting time
to get our classroom back in order. This year I took a stance…I left up my
fabric, letters and boarders. Even though this will save
time in the beginning of the year, I still spent the last two weeks of school
putting everything into what little cabinet cheap nfl jerseys space Part I have and made myself sick
saran wrapping all of my book shelves. Let Ideas me tell you, that is no easy job. If
schools are looking for more rigor in the classroom, when are they going to
take away our mindless cheap jerseys tasks?

Does your school continue pointless routines?

Let me cheap jerseys know, I would love to
hear Veteran about it.

  1. Meghan K says

    We’re supposed to clean off bulletin boards and walls “in case they paint.” I started checking in with the janitors at the end of the year to see if my room will painted. Usually it’s a no. I leave fabric and borders up on bulletin boards, but take down other stuff on the boards do it isn’t ripped–plus I usually change something that I do with those bulletin boards anyway. We do have to clean off all shelves and move most of our books (I have a lot as a literature teacher!) have to be stored in student lockers in the hallway. In the summer they move everything out into the hallway and deep clean the room–including waxing the floor so I also have to label everything that moves. That’s a bit annoying, but I’d rather get my things back.

  2. Christiann Garcia says

    I also label everything that moves! Always afraid I am going to have to go furniture hunting when I come back to school.

  3. Meghan K says

    So I had to come back and comment on this because I just got back in to my classroom and this year it was a disaster! I had to go on a search for multiple items (which were all labeled and in different rooms throughout the school — not even in the same hallway). Then I found out they broke a bookshelf–and it wasn’t even the wobbly shelf I needed to replace. HMMM.

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